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  1. Richard Siu says:

    For years we have been visiting temples and zen gardens of Kyoto. But being non-Japanese speakers one always remains a superficial admirer. Wada-san has ingeniously arranged for us to visit the inner sanctum of a temple and spent some precious hours with the Head Priest. The master’s talk about Buddhism and zen garden’s design principles was most enlightening and helped to dispel years of lingering doubts. We even got the chance to walk in the rock garden and learn how the pebbles are crafted and patterned to create ‘Karesansui’!

    If ever you want some in-depth and personalised touring guide, call Yusuke Wada. He is sincere, passionate and resourceful, and he communicates well!!

    R & T Siu

    Rating: 5
    • Yusuke Wada says:

      Thank you R & T Siu for the review. Hands on Japan is really happy to hear Kyoto Hands on Zen Temple Tour satisfied your curiosity despite you having come to Kyoto over 20 times previously. To give tourists a new perspective of Kyoto through an encounter with a local is the ultimate goal for us, so your comment means the world to us. We do look forward to seeing you again in a very near future and show more what Kyoto has to offer.

      Yusuke Wada

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