Here are the real voices from our customers who joined either of Kyoto Hands on Tours or Tailor-made Tour in the past. Hope this will help you decide which tour you want to do to realize your life-time Kyoto memory.

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  1. It was the first time that my friend and I visited Kyoto. Not only did we want to go to all sorts of places in this beautiful city but we also wanted to try all sorts of things. We’ve decided on the idea of a tofu tour as the idea intrigued us. At the end of the tour we agreed that it was an excellent decision. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Our tour guide Yu was also informative and fun to chat with. If you have any questions about Kyoto he will be able to answer them. Throughout our time there we’ve learned just about everything soy/tofu related. We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do a little bit of learning, as well as tasting some delicious tofu that you will be making with your own hands!

    Rating: 5
  2. All the staff are professional and only want to satisfied our demands.

    I had the kimono with crafting experience. Everyone was kind and very understanding because I felt sick in the middle of the crafting.

    Yusuke explains very well for us to understand the way Japanese people flirt with a modern and ancient way of life. He answered all the questions I asked about Japan. He speaks very good English.

    Thank you to all the staff! Very much.

    Rating: 5
  3. Here’s what I liked:
    – Basically an individual tour, Yusuke is very knowledgeable and happy to share insights. For example, when I picked material, they were so amused I picked a dragonfly pattern, it symbolizes proceeding along a direct path to your goals, hopefully that’s a good thing 🙂
    – Cool to meet the real people who make the kimono sashes
    – I love my arts and crafts project, it turned out great
    – Mizuhiki knot art = so cool!

    – You do pay more for an individual tour
    – There was no gift shop there at the shop 🙁 they were very hesitant about trying to sell me anything extra. Terribly polite! Nice people though.

    Rating: 5
  4. For years we have been visiting temples and zen gardens of Kyoto. But being non-Japanese speakers one always remains a superficial admirer. Wada-san has ingeniously arranged for us to visit the inner sanctum of a temple and spent some precious hours with the Head Priest. The master’s talk about Buddhism and zen garden’s design principles was most enlightening and helped to dispel years of lingering doubts. We even got the chance to walk in the rock garden and learn how the pebbles are crafted and patterned to create ‘Karesansui’!

    If ever you want some in-depth and personalised touring guide, Yusuke Wada is the one to call. He is sincere, passionate and resourceful, and he communicates so well!! Thank you, Wada san!

    R and T Siu

    Rating: 5
  5. The Hands on Japan“ tour can be recommended if you are truly interested to learn about the production of Sake.
    Our ‚Hands on Japan‘ guide, Yusuke Wada, was very well prepared and his english is impeccable.
    One the tour meets at the designated meeting point, we were taken by bus to the Sake factory, and we were welcomed by the management of this ‚smaller‘ factory, and first got a detailed introduction into the theory of making Sake.
    The tour of the operating factory is offering a 1:1 insight into the manufacturing process, and it is impressive how much work it takes to produce 1st class Sake.
    After the tour we were offered and introduced to various kind of Sake, including drinking Sake out our different glasses, which influence the taste.
    Of cours, after the tour, we were able to buy a selection of the Sake produced, and we have now a very nice ‚original‘ Sake collection at home, which we offer our guests.

    Rating: 5
  6. We joined the Sake Brewery-tour of HANDS ON JAPAN and it was a great experience!
    First, we got an explanation on how Sake was made, then we go a tour around the brewery and in the end we got to taste some very delicious sake. The tour guides and company employees were very nice and highly motivated. They also really knew a lot about sake and could answer all of our questions on how it was made.
    I learned a lot and would recommend it to everyone!

    Rating: 5
  7. Had the best time with Yusuke in both Kyoto & Hiroshima (where Iko joined us with her wealth of knowledge). I fell in love with Japan and the experiences have left me wanting to come back for more. As guides Yusuke & Iko shared their knowledge so gently & their English is superb. In fact, it felt more like we came to Japan, met with our friends & they showed us around. Loved the Okonomiyaki for lunch, so delicious & authentic … and also away from the crowds of other tourists. Thank you … highly recommended.

    Rating: 5
  8. We took a Sake Tour at Eikun with Yusuke from Kyoto Hands on Tours and it was really nice and well prepared. Everything from the organisation to get to Eikun (Directions, Bustickets ect.), explaining the process of sake making, bringing snacks to eat with the sake tasting to bringing us back safely was well planned and worked out perfectly.

    Yusuke is a wonderful guide: fluent in English, attentive, well prepared, able to answer all questions and on top of this also an interesting person to talk to.

    I definitely recommend the tour, because it not only supports a new start-up and (as I understood) small businesses around Kyoto, but it also gives an interesting and more intimate insight into Japanese culture on a smaller scale than the usual sight-seeing spots.

    Rating: 5
  9. A workshop truly informative…We had the chance to join this amazing tour last year, and I still keep this experience close to my heart!!
    I want to thank Yusuke and Hands on Japan to have organized this amazing experience!!!

    Rating: 5
  10. Thank you Yusuke San for leading the tatami hands on tour today. Professional, courteous and knowledgeable! The tatami tour is an interesting experience, learning about tatami’s long history and how they come from nature. Well worth doing the tour to learn more about Japan’s history and meet local artisans!

    Rating: 5
  11. I think the art of weaving threads in a style called Nishijinori is an art that has a high value. Considering the process of making a fairly complicated and using the basic materials of quality threads such as silk, it is not unusual if the price of one sheet of cloth (nishijinori) is also expensive. I am very happy and lucky to feel and see and try to make one of these nishijinori handicrafts, I think this handicraft is very good because amid the modern Japanese society nishijinori is still well maintained by Japanese society.

    Rating: 5
  12. We loved this tour! We learned a lot and enjoyed the food so much! This is a great way to experience artisan tofu (which Kyoto is famous for) and learn more about Japanese culture. I can’t recommend it enough – it was one of the highlights of our time in Kyoto!

    Rating: 5
  13. I’ve been to Kyoto a couple of times but this is the first time I tried my hands at doing some activity like making sweets. I’m so glad Kyoto Hands on Tours facilitated it for me.Learning something new and experiencing something out of the ordinary makes me stoked. The Master who taught us was super duper nice and has a 60 years experience under his belt.The Hands on Tours staff too are sweet and kind and made me feel special.I don’t think I was able to make my sweets really good but that makes me look forward more to doing it again in the near future and with Kyoto Hands on Tours around anything is possible.Thank you, Guys.Best of luck!!!

    Rating: 5
  14. Thank you for your professional and very informative guide around Kyoto 12 and 13 January this year.

    Yusuke, the guide was very informative and efficient in getting us around all the temples and shrines and went to great lengths to ensure we were happy and covering all the areas we were wishing to see.

    I can recommend HANDS ON JAPAN to any tourist without hesitation and wish you all the best for the future.

    James Bell

    Rating: 5
  15. Handmade miniature tatami is really cute! I hope I could make one more for my sister.

    Rating: 5
  16. This craft beer experience was quite enjoyable the parts when we had wort tasting and learned the process of beer brewing, not to mention the beer tasting at a bar we headed later in the program.
    Especially on the beer tasting, the food parings really helped improve the taste of the beers. Samma fish tasted great on its own and croquette and Golden Ale are well complemented each other. Thanks Hands on Japan team for this amazing craft beer experience! Good luck!

    Rating: 5
  17. The craft beer tour provided by HANDS ON TOURS was a great introduction into the process of creating beer within Japan, as well as an enjoyable experience tasting carious craft beers and their associated parings. The host was kind and seemed to have good knowledge of the area and of the topic. If you are looking for not only great beers to drink but also an interesting experience of it, I totally recommend this tour to you.

    Rating: 5
  18. I had a wonderful time in Kyoto and my experience was far more interesting than even what I had thought of.

    My guides (Yusuke and Kazu) really took very good care of me and I can definitely say TWO THINGS:

    I am looking forward to come to Kyoto again (to experience Spring)
    I have a very good friend in India, USA, Australa and Belgium, now I have TWO very good friends in Kyoto also.

    Thanks again for everything.

    Rating: 5
  19. Many thanks for your professional service while we were in Kyoto. Minoti, my wife, greatly appreciates the care that you took of her during the entire stay. Our Sightseeing at Kyoto would not have been as enjoyable without you and your efforts in making Minoti comfortable.

    Ninad Gupte

    Rating: 5
  20. I was impressived to make a bow crafting with Nishijin textile. This workshop is informative and we can make wonderful pieces of gift to our beloved one. Thanks Hands on Japan to organize this workshop for me. I am having a lot of fun at Kyoto.

    Rating: 5
  21. In a cosy central location I took part in this bento making class. The menu I made was called a three colour bento and not only did I learn the recipe but I also learnt about the history of bento making in Japan. As I love cooking this tour was such fun much for me and it was surprising how easy everything was to make, yet it looked so good in the final product! It was a nice feeling to know that I can reproduce the elements of this bento in my own home. The class felt like we could go at our own pace and enjoy the cooking process plus chatting with each other. The chatting with the cooking teacher was made much easier with the help of Yusuke my translator and guide! If you are interested in Japanese cooking you should definitely give this tour a try!

    Rating: 5
  22. The sachet tour was something I would have never ever considered doing if it had not been for Kyoto Hands On Tours. I had no idea about the culture of scented sachets in Japan before taking part in this tour. This tour proved to be a fascinating specific cultural learning activity and an interesting talking point around Japanese History. With the help of Yusuke, my guide who could speak very good English, I could find out more about the particular scent that the shop uses and much more. On a hands on level I loved being able to chose my own beautiful fabric and thread color to create a special memorabilia from Japan. If you are interested in Japanese history, less known aspects of Japanese culture or just want to try something a little bit different I definitely recommend this tour!

    Rating: 5
  23. We ventured a little bit out of Kyoto to a more quiet area to go on this Hands On Japan tofu tour. It is a tiny local shop front that is obviously well established in the neighborhood. I was lead to the upstairs area where they hold lessons and you can eat tofu, a cosy and comfortable space. The introduction to tofu was so fascinating. Where I am from tofu is not so widely used or understood so I loved learning about how simple it is to make tofu. Although I must say eating all the different styles of tofu was the highlight. Who new tofu with olive oil and salt tastes would taste so good?! I got to try tofu with 6 different toppings plus some side dishes and THEN got to eat the tofu that I made myself. The Japanese tofu expert was so willing to answer all my tofu questions (of course with the wonderful help from Yusuke, my guide). I loved the tofu so much I bought some from the shop downstairs to share with my friends later. I can’t recommend this tour enough, just be sure you don’t eat too much before the tour because you need to save your stomach for all that delicious tofu!

    Rating: 5
  24. We did not think about doing a cooking class during our trip to Japan but were offered to attend and it was a very fun experience. We have learned interesting things about Japanese culture, we have been taught to cook and ride a bento box. We have spent a very pleasant and fun time with Hands of Japan team .It is a highly recommended experience.

    Rating: 5

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