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  1. Toni Staub says:

    The Hands on Japan“ tour can be recommended if you are truly interested to learn about the production of Sake.
    Our ‚Hands on Japan‘ guide, Yusuke Wada, was very well prepared and his english is impeccable.
    One the tour meets at the designated meeting point, we were taken by bus to the Sake factory, and we were welcomed by the management of this ‚smaller‘ factory, and first got a detailed introduction into the theory of making Sake.
    The tour of the operating factory is offering a 1:1 insight into the manufacturing process, and it is impressive how much work it takes to produce 1st class Sake.
    After the tour we were offered and introduced to various kind of Sake, including drinking Sake out our different glasses, which influence the taste.
    Of cours, after the tour, we were able to buy a selection of the Sake produced, and we have now a very nice ‚original‘ Sake collection at home, which we offer our guests.

    Rating: 5
    • Yusuke Wada says:

      Hi, Toni! I appreciate your thorough review and above all your participation on Sake Brewery Tour. It is tourist’s encouraging words such as yours that keeps me going to deliver better guiding. I am truly grateful. HANDS ON JAPAN is still a very young company, but we have many 1 on 1 hands on experience, where we work as a bridge to connect a foreign guest with an artisan. If you ever come back to Kyoto, hope we can meet again in our hands on tour! Untill then, see you!

  2. Charlotte says:

    We joined the Sake Brewery-tour of HANDS ON JAPAN and it was a great experience!
    First, we got an explanation on how Sake was made, then we go a tour around the brewery and in the end we got to taste some very delicious sake. The tour guides and company employees were very nice and highly motivated. They also really knew a lot about sake and could answer all of our questions on how it was made.
    I learned a lot and would recommend it to everyone!

    Rating: 5
    • Yusuke Wada says:

      Thank you so much Charlotte for joining us for Sake Brewery Tour. I am glad that you enjoyed the tour through the ultimate experience on sake. Yes, the host and HANDS ON JAPAN are in this together and very motivated to spread what sake is all about to foreign visitors. We will keep working together to make this experience even more interesting. When you have a next chance, why don’t you try a different experience? See you soon!

  3. Anna-Sofia says:

    We took a Sake Tour at Eikun with Yusuke from Kyoto Hands on Tours and it was really nice and well prepared. Everything from the organisation to get to Eikun (Directions, Bustickets ect.), explaining the process of sake making, bringing snacks to eat with the sake tasting to bringing us back safely was well planned and worked out perfectly.
    Yusuke is a wonderful guide: fluent in English, attentive, well prepared, able to answer all questions and on top of this also an interesting person to talk to.
    I definitely recommend the tour, because it not only supports a new start-up and (as I understood) small businesses around Kyoto, but it also gives an interesting and more intimate insight into Japanese culture on a smaller scale than the usual sight-seeing spots.

    Rating: 5
    • Yusuke Wada says:

      Thank you Anna-Sophia for taking part in Sake Brewery Tour. I am very happy to hear your compliments on the tour from start to finish. As you said, it is my job not only to pass on the passion of the brewers to you but also to escort you to and from the venue safely as a tour guide. I enjoyed so much talking to you during the tour that I wish we had more time. HANDS ON JAPAN will keep creating tours like this in order to let people know about a smaller business in Kyoto with a great craftsmanship. Hope to see you soon!

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