Q: Is it possible to book with over the maximum number of people(6)?
A: Yes, for some tours, but perhaps the group has to split into to two.
Q: By how many days before a tour can I make a booking?
A: It varies from tour to tour, however a booking might be accepted even after a required date. Contact us for detail.
Q: Can a representative make a booking on behalf of me?
A: Yes, if he/she has a right to payment.
Q: How can I see the cancellation policy before booking?
A: The cancellation policy can be accessed from our front page.
Q: How can I get a refund after canceling a booking?
A: The refund is to be remitted to you through your credit card company.
Q: Can I change the date of a tour after booking?
A: Yes. if the venue of the tour is available on an alternative date. But some tours may not be flexible to changes.
Q: Can I add the number of people after booking?
A: Yes, if it still has not reached the maximum number of people(6).
Q: I would like to join a tour, but there is no date or time on which I want to make a booking. What should I do?
A: Even if it says no availability on the booking system, there is a chance for a tour to be available. Contact us through email.
Q: Can I make a booking over a phone?
A: No, bookings can only be accepted through the web page or direct email.
Q: At what point is my booking confirmed?
A: After a deal has been struck, you receive a payment completion email along with a confirmation sheet including your tour’s details.
Q: Can I join another tour on the same day?
A: Yes, when there is an availability.
Q: Can I alter the tour which I already booked to a different tour?
A: Yes for some tours, but the rest is entirely subject to a venue of a tour.
Q: Can a last minute booking be accepted?
A: Please contact us through email, and we try our best to make it happen.
Q: Can I pick a different location for both meeting and dismissing point?
A: No for the meeting point, but it is possible for you to end a tour on a venue of a tour. In that case, let us know in advance.


Q: By when do I have to complete a payment?
A: By the day before a tour takes place.
Q: What are the payment options?
A: Credit cards only.
Q: What credit cards are accepted?
A: Master, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Union Pay
Q: An error occurred during payment process. What should I do?
A: Please contact directly to your credit card company.
Q: Is the consumption tax included in a tour price?
A: Yes, it is included.
Q: Can my representative do a payment?
A: Yes, if he/she has a right to payment.
Q: Is a child’s fee applied?
A: Yes, for some tours.
Q: Is there any other fee required other than a price shown to us?
A: No, there is no need to pay more than the price shown.
Q: Can I pay with cash?
A: No, cash is not accepted.


Q: From what age can a child join a tour?
A: See each tour’s details.
Q: Can I join a tour during pregnancy?
A: Yes, but during some tours you might experience difficulties, thus we might have to turn you down for your safety. Please let us know before booking.
Q: Can I join a tour in a wheelchair?
A: It depends on tours, so please contact us before booking.
Q: Is there an additional fee required if I take an infant with me?
A: No, there is no need for that.
Q: I understand little English or Chinese. Can I still join a tour?
A: Yes, our guide will instruct in clear and simple expressions. If it still worries you, make a tour private for you, and the guide absolutely make sure you are following.


Q: Is there a place where I can keep my luggage?
A: Yes. You can drop your luggage except valuables for free at our office 4 minutes walk from Kyoto station if you tell us you would like that service in advance.
Q: I will not be able to make it by the meeting time. What should I do?
A: Please contact us immediately to urgentcontact@handsontours.com if you are being late.
Q: A tour seems to contain food which I cannot eat. Is a special arrangement for that available?
A: Please contact us before booking, and we try to make an arrangement.
Q: Will a tour be canceled when a bad weather?
A: Yes, when we decide the weather would jeopardize your safety.
Q: Can I leave during a tour?
A: No, you cannot during a tour. However, you can make your own way when we leave a venue for Kyoto station.
Q: I am going to bring one day ticket for bus/subway with me to a tour. Will a tour price change?
A: Yes, click on the price with transportation fee deducted for people planning to bring the one day ticket during booking process.