Optional Extras

Customize your own tour

If you want us to customize a tour by picking a couple of our tours, we can make it happen. For example, you can do our Tatami Mats Tour in the morning, and do our Japanese Confectionery Tour after lunch to make a whole day schedule.
Just tell us what you want to do, and we make an arrangement.
Send us an e-mail for more information.

Leave your luggage and enjoy hands-free tour

Although luggage lockers are provided at JR Kyoto station, depending on the size of your luggage, it might cost a lot and it is sometimes hard to find a vacancy. Therefore, for people who join our tours we offer our office as a space for keeping your luggage during the tour.
The office is located only a 5 minute walk from the tour meeting point.
If you would like to leave your luggage, send us an e-mail to make an arrangement.

Strictly for the participating customers only.
Keep your valuables with you as we can’t hold any responsibility for the loss or breakage of your valuables.
Show up at the meeting point 30 minutes prior to the tour departure time.
Come back straight to the office after the tour.

Anything else ?

As a tour company with required qualifications, HANDS ON JAPAN Ltd. is able to provide a wide range of services to meet your demands during your stay in Kyoto. Our staff, with expertise knowledge on Kyoto, are happy to arrange tickets for museums and amusement parks, such as U.S.J or T.D,L, and reserve seats for restaurants, hotels and transportations. On top of that, we are happy to listen toyour travel ideas to find what you are really looking for. Feel free at any time to ask us for a travel idea !