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Tour of the tofu lovers, by the tofu lovers, for the tofu lovers

Tofu appears to have gained a citizenship world wide as a healthy food but it’s true potential will still not be known until you take part in this tour. Be amazed to discover how good tofu can actually be when it is made at the hands of an artisan. Mouthwatering experience and an enthusiastic tofu professional await you. An empty stomach is all you need.

Tour Details

1.Visit a tofu shop with over 70 years of history to meet a tofu artisan in person.

tofu shop
learn a process

2.Learn the process of making tofu from scratch and why Kyoto is known for good quality of tofu. (15 min.)

3.Taste freshly made soy milk, which is surprisingly delicious even to those who have tried it before.

soy milk
6 small tofu

4.Eat 6 pieces of bite size silken tofu with 6 different condiments and seasonings in addition to 3 different side dishes of tofu made on the day of the tour. (20 min.)

5.Experience a coagulating process of tofu using a miniature mold prepared for each guest. After waiting about 10 minutes, you get to eat arguably the most delicious state of tofu. (20 min.)

coagulating tofu
Q & A

6.Ask as many tofu-related questions as you want. This is a great opportunity for you to share your love of tofu with an expert! (15 min.)

Important notice

  • 1. Even though the tour starts at 2PM, we highly recommend that you have a very small lunch before joining the tour as a lot of tofu eating experience is included.
  • 2. Although this is a vegan-friendly tour, we would appreciate information of your dietary restriction beforehand as fish substance may be included in the tofu dish.


Tour Price
2 people 9,500 yen p.p
3 people 9,300 yen p.p
4 people 9,100 yen p.p
5 people 8,900 yen p.p
6 people 8,700 yen p.p
Tour Style
Departs & Finish
Kyoto Station
A tofu shop near Shimogamo shrine
Nearest station
Bus stop Ipponmatsu
Kyoto city bus (or your hotel in the central part of the city)
Travel time
30 minutes (one way)
Staying time at the venue
Less than 1.5 hours
Age restriction
From 12 years old Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults.
Adult pricing applies to all travelers
Req. per Booking
2-6 guests
Req. to Run Tour
2 guest
Transportation fee, guiding fee, all ingredients, travel insurance

Book the tour


  1. Depending on operational circumstances, certain tour dates may be cancelled, or tour operation may cease entirely.
  2. If you have food any allergies, please mention that in the free entry space when booking.
  3. At the meeting point, please show your reservation confirmation sheet in any form.
  4. Guests will be sitting on a legless chair.
  5. Guests are required to take stairs as the tour takes place on the 2nd floor.
  6. Guests are asked to read the Booking Policy & Terms & Conditions before booking.